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Please email chercopper@hotmail.com before doing anything on this site again.  Please don't even bother logging in!  Would appreciate it if you would put What's up with BTT? in the Subject line and I'll reply as promptly as I can!  Don't worry... it's exciting news!  Will send out an e-blast soon...
Thanks ~ Cher


Monthly Meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month

at the Greenwich Library

6:30pm - 7:15pm Exchange Circle

7:15pm - 8:00pm Business of the Bank


Members & those considering membership are 
STRONGLY encouraged to join us!


Website 4-1-1 POSTPONED
Still not sure when this will be rescheduled, but it will be soon and probably at Greenwich School @ 6:30PM


All you ever wanted to know about navigating our website and more...

we've got a computer lab at Greenwich School
so just bring your smile and your thinking cap!


Please call or text Cher at 518-260-6748 if you need more information!


"What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously.
But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease
of loneliness can be cured."
 - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

"The abundant heart does not consider service a punishment or sharing a burden.
Rather, it sees the unmet needs of the community as if they were those of a loved one and acts to meet them."
 - Stephen Shirk


If this is your first time here, please click on our


at the top right of this page to see where we'll be next!


What is our time bank? It is a GREAT way for you to offer something you enjoy doing and have something done for you - without the exchange of money; exchanges where everyone's time has equal value.

BTT is a community of people living in the Southern Washington County area who support each other.  For every hour you help another member, you earn a TimeBank Hour. Then you can use that TimeBank Hour to have a neighbor help you. There’s no minimum or maximum time commitment. Unlike barter you'll likely not trade directly with the person who helps you.

Members use this simple internet-based system to list the services they want to give and receive and to keep track of hours exchanged.

This Washington County time bank was created with three
main goals:
                 ~        Strengthen the fabric of our community.
                 ~        Serve people and give them a means to serve.
                 ~        Establish new relationships and meet real needs of our community members.
We recognize that each person has talents to share, and that the overall community is strengthened when neighbors help one another. For every hour that you help meet the needs of another member, you earn a time credit for the exchange. This time credit can then be redeemed for services from others, and the cycle of giving and receiving continues.

BTT Membership Protocol

(please read the New Member Info tab above)

Becoming a member requires, in no particular order: 

  • Joining the timebank here at this website, including listing Offers and Requests and uploading a personal photo, for which you receive credit hours

  • Completing and returning the BTT membership enrollment form (keeping a copy for your records)

  • Attending either a group or individual Battenkill Time Traders Orientation offered by BTT or a BTT member, for which you receive 3 credit hours 

After these three requirements have been met or at least discussed with us, your personal account on this webpage will be activated, requests and offers can be added and your exchanging can begin!


Once your account has been activated, please take a few minutes to list a few REQUESTS our members may respond to that will meet your needs and your OFFERS of services to BTT's time bank's members. The offers, requests and resulting exchanges create the currency of a time bank, it's energy, excitement and COMMUNITY!

We hope you'll take a few minutes and learn more about Time Banking:



You can also visit us at our blog:


Battenkill Time Traders is on facebook, too! 





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